How to Craft a Beautifully Simple Nature Mandala


How to Craft a Beautifully Simple Nature Mandala

The four seasons are a wonderful reminder of change and that all things are impermanent. In autumn, deciduous tree leaves change colors from green to red, and many will fall to the ground. In the spring and fall, rainbows might grace the sky for only a moment and then are gone just as quickly as they first appeared.

Crafting a simple nature mandala with rocks, sticks, shells, and nearby leaves, and flowers is a nice way to connect with the seasons, get moving, and bond with our children, all while enjoying a sense of restoration.

Loosely translated from Sanskrit, “mandala” means “circle” and represents wholeness.

Mandalas are geometric shapes that can be seen all throughout nature. They’re a perfect tool to explore science, art, and so much more with your child. Encourage your child to participate in this process.

How to Craft a Nature Mandala with Your Child

Here are some simple steps to get you started.

  1. Find a location for your mandala creation. This can be a beach, your backyard lawn, in the forested park nearby, or anywhere else that suits your fancy and is convenient to your home.
  1. Gather your materials. Consider what is in your found environment. What natural objects are in the area you have chosen?
  1. Craft your mandala. Start from the inside of the mandala and work your way out. This is the traditional approach to the process of crafting a mandala, but technically there is no right way to make a mandala. Feel free to add your own personal touches and embellishments.
  1. Savor the moment. Don’t rush it. Let this activity be unhurried and promote calm. Let creativity flow naturally.
  1. Admire your mandala. When you are finished, consider asking your child about the mandala you have created together. For example, you might ask them how they decided upon some of the objects they used in the mandala. Then, revisit the idea of impermanence by noting how the wind or waves may wash the mandala away.


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