Hey Mama! Welcome! MamaWell is a wellbeing hub for modern Mamas that helps new and expecting mothers find resources to thrive. Integrating age-old wisdom with modern insights, MamaWell is challenging the status quo of wellbeing for modern Mamas.

MamaWell champions postpartum self-care and advocates for new mothers to be proactive in caring for their wellbeing.

MamaWell is the manifesto for an idea whose time has come: Our society absolutely must take better care of its mothers. For our society to flourish, mothers must be fully supported, healthy, and well — in every sense of the word.


MamaWell offers educational and inspirational wellbeing resources to help modern Mamas thrive.   

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P.S. Employers: Do you want to offer MamaWell Private Coaching Sessions as part of your workplace benefit program at your organization for working mothers returning to work after Maternity leave? Learn about MamaWell@Work.


About Heidi

Founder of MamaWell

Heidi Hill is the founder of MamaWell. She is on a mission to challenge the status quo of wellbeing for busy, modern Mamas. Heidi launched MamaWell after finding a complete lack of wellbeing resources for new mothers to help manage postnatal depletion, overwhelm, and stress.

Heidi is a mom, writer, women’s wellbeing educator and coach, and an expert in wellbeing, mindfulness, and stress management for busy, modern mothers. Heidi focuses on an integrated approach to wellbeing and self-care along the entire motherhood journey including pre and post-natal, return to work, and beyond.

Before launching MamaWell, Heidi earned an MBA and had a 12-year career in new product innovation and marketing for technology and media companies. In the past, Heidi has led new product launches and marketing programs for Aveeno at Johnson & Johnson, the sell-your-fashion vertical at eBay marketplaces, and professional training products at Pearson Education, among others. She brings a grounded and down-to-earth perspective to the motherhood wellbeing journey.

Heidi blends her years of personal practice with her instructor certifications. An avid yogi and mindfulness meditator, her wellbeing training includes in-person study with some of the world’s most celebrated wellbeing teachers.

Heidi is one of only a handful of Qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teachers (MBSR). She is certified by the Center for Mindfulness at the UMass Medical School, the leading MBSR training center founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

In addition, she is currently completing a two-year advanced Mindfulness Meditation teachers certificate accredited by the UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center, where she is studying directly under mindfulness leaders Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.






Please don’t hesitate to send notes with questions or collaboration opportunities directly to Heidi at Hello{@}MamaWell{dot}com.