Private Sessions

With MamaWell Private Sessions, Heidi shares her integrated approach to wellbeing to empower and educate new and expecting Mamas. These are custom programs tailored to the individual Mama and based on researched and tested practices and tools.

Integrating the best of modern insights and age-old wisdom, private sessions are tailored for busy Mamas who are tight on time and want access to the most effective tools and resources for stress management and self-care.

Our private sessions integrate the best of mindfulness meditation, stress management tools, and self-care techniques to give new Mamas the support needed to thrive and reach optimal wellbeing.

By tuning out the noise and tapping into your own wisdom and intuition, Mamas will learn how to feel less overwhelmed and more energized, and how to enjoy and savor the motherhood journey more fully.


MamaWell offers three signature private session packages. Each package lasts for three months with meetings every other week, for a total of six sessions.

1) MamaWell Expecting Mamas Prenatal Wellbeing Private Session Package

This package is built to help new mothers cultivate a mindfulness mindset, reduce overwhelm, and reach optimal wellbeing before labor and birth. During these sessions we will also proactively set up a self-care plan for your postpartum wellbeing.

2) MamaWell New Mamas Postnatal Wellbeing Private Session Package

This package is built to assist new mothers during the delicate postpartum transition period by gently helping mothers build a self-care toolkit and regain their energy and vitality.  

3) MamaWell Return to Work Wellbeing Private Session Package

This package is built to support new mothers returning to work by offering a toolkit of self-care practices to help better manage stress and overwhelm in the first few months of this transition.            


Private sessions are held live online at convenient times that work for you.

Email Heidi, Founder of MamaWell, at for a free informational chat to learn more.