MamaWell offers workplace benefit wellbeing coaching programs for established corporations and startups, specifically focused on the needs of working mothers. MamaWell partners with individuals and organizations to help working mothers thrive.

Why working mothers? It is no secret that working mothers today are burned out. Retaining high-performing women employees is tough. In fact, 43 percent of highly qualified women with children are leaving careers or off-ramping for a period of time.

Offering meaningful wellbeing programs for working mothers can help you stand out from the pack, retain top talent, and send a message that you care about creating a family-friendly work environment. Plus, it’s just smart business: When employees feel well, they work well, too.

MamaWell ‘Return to Work Well’ Coaching Package

MamaWell believes that Mamas need to be supported at work holistically, not just logistically, upon their return to work as new Mamas. When Mamas feel well, they will have the foundation they need to work well, too.

That’s why we have created an offering of integrated wellbeing tools for new Mamas based on the latest in the science of burn-out prevention, resilience and wellbeing.

Our wellbeing coaching sessions integrate the best of mindfulness meditation practices, stress management tools, and self-care techniques to help new Mamas return to work with the support they need to thrive and reach optimal wellbeing.

We offer a two-month package during which we meet with Mamas each week, for a total of eight sessions. These 45-minute live coaching sessions are offered online and can fit the schedules of busy new mothers.

With MamaWell’s integrated model, you can support your new mothers on their return-to-work transition and retain vital employees for the long term.

This package can be offered as a meaningful maternity leave benefit and can also be customized for your employees’ and company’s needs.  

This model can also be customized for your employees and company’s needs.  Email Heidi, Founder of MamaWell, at Hello@MamaWell.com to learn more.