MamaWell believes that Mamas need to be supported at work holistically, not just logistically, leading up to their maternity leave and upon their return to work as new Mamas. In fact, when Mamas feel well they will have the foundation they need to work well, too.

That’s why we have created an offering of integrated wellness for Mamas – including yoga, mindfulness meditation, stress management, and self-care techniques  – that will help new Mama’s reach balanced and optimal wellness during and after pregnancy. This model can be customized for your employees and company’s needs. With MamaWell’s holistic model you can support your new mothers on their entire motherhood journey.

Offering One

Your employees come to us:

Your employees receive personalized coaching and training from our expert faculty teachers in one of our convenient spaces.

Offering Two

Our teachers come to you:

MamaWell’s expert faculty visits your company, and leads one-on-one and/or group sessions, in order to support Mamas at their office location.  

Email Heidi, Founder of MamaWell, at Hello@MamaWell.com to learn more.